We love what we do.

Albert Porzio
He takes care of the administrative tasks, hold relationships with partners and customers. THE DIPLOMATIC
Nicolas Montonati
Graduated in Architecture. He knows hot to move from ideas to real things with special focus on innovative solutions. THE ANGERA’S IVE
Matteo A. Destantini
Graduated in Management Engineering. He tranfers the reality into quantitative models through figures and graphics. THE WOLF OF FTSE-MIB
Gianmaria Leto
Vice President
Graduated in law and economy for companies. He loves apple juice. THE BIG BOSS
Angelo Iacubino
ICT manager
Software and integration Team Developer Manager. He developes software and hardware solutions, specialised in mobile and social applications. He is also ordinary IT professor at University of Pavia. He know how to make things smarter. THE HACKER