+Where are located ZZZleepandGo’s cabins?

  • 9 cabins in the arrivals area of Orio al Serio International Airport.
  • 4 cabins inside Milano Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 (second floor, departures area, next to the group zone).
  • All the cabins are located in landside area (before security filters), that is the only area of the airport open 24/7, where usually people spend the night waiting for an early flight. During 2018 we will also launch brand new cabins in other Italian and European locations, stay tuned!

+Can i use the service also during the day?

  • Sure! We are open 24h/24, 365 days per year. Our customers usually use the service during the morning or in the afternoon.

+How many people can access to the cabin?

  • All the capsules are identical, equipped with single bed and a small seat aside. We allow the access of two hosts without any extra charge. If you want the maximum comfort we suggest to book two cabins (one for each host).

+How does it cost?

  • The cost of the service is 9 € per hour. The first hour is immediately charged, the following hours are rated per minute, so you pay only the effective time between check-in and check-out. (EXAMPLE: Check-in: 23.40, Check-out 4.50, Total stay: 5 hours and 10 minutes, Amount Paid: 46 €). If you book on our website you can find discounts for the whole night.

+What is the pre-authorization?

  • In order to give you a flexible service, we make on your card a pre-authorization of 70 €. When you check-out the system charges only the Amount paid for your stay. Pre-authorization expires after 48 hours to 20 days (it depends from the circuit of the card).

+Can i reserve a cabin for a specific night?

  • Yes. You can reserve a cabin on our website. We do not accept reservations for slots shorter than 23.00-06.00, then even if you want to stay only few hours in the middle of the night we suggest you to book (you have a strong discount respect of the hourly price and you are sure to have a cabin waiting for you).
  • The system doesn’t support bookings for the daytime. If you want to use our service during the day you can take a cabin with hourly rate directly in the airport, without reservation.

+Can i choose the duration of the reservation?

  • Yes. You can custom your reservation through the following options:
  • -“Early check-in” (+5,00 €) that allows you to check-in after 20.00;

    -“Late check-out” (+5,00 €) that allows you to check-out until 8.00;

    -“All night” (+9,00 €) that is the combination of “Early check-in” and “Late check-out”.

    However the minimum slot that you can book is 23.00-6.00.

+Can i take more cabins with one reservation?

  • You can select the number of cabins in the reservation process. All the cabins in the same reservation will be linked to one holder, then all the hosts will use the same phone number as code to unlock the door. In addition all the options and conditions like cancellation policy and time slot will be applied and charged for all the cabins in the same reservation.

+How to cancel a reservation?

  • If you make a standard reservation you can cancel it whenever you want, but you will not receive any refund. Instead if you mark ‘YES’ on the free cancellation option you can cancel and request a refund for the amount paid for the reservation and any extra for the time slot. Your cancellation request should be sent by email to info@zzzleepandgo.com at least 24 before your check-in time. Please note that in any case the 5 € extra will be hold to cover the management of your reservation and transaction costs related with your refund. Since we refund through Paypal or bank transfer, we ask you to send us your Paypal address or bank details with the cancellation request in order to make the refund process faster.

+Can i leave the room with my luggages inside?

  • Sure. If you want to leave the room for a while and go to the toilet or something else you can do it. When you close the door it is electronic locked and nobody can enter. When you return to the cabin you can use re-entry function to unlock the door with your mobile telephone number.

+What is check-out?

  • When you definitively leave the room close the door and remember to press check-out on the outside touchscreen and insert your mobile phone number. The monitor shows you Total stay and Amount Paid. Do not forget to check-out otherwise you will charged for the total amount of the pre-authorization (70 €).

+How the cabins are cleaned?

  • Our personnel cleans manually the cabins every day. In addition when you open the door an automatic system changes the sheets in front of your eyes. Then the air control system starts to blow in the cabin fresh air treated with a medical device that eliminates all the bacteria.

+What about the waste?

  • Please don’t leave any object or waste into the cabin. Our electronic system will recognize any object left in the room and will charge on your card a penalty of 20 €.