Bergamo Ospedale - Giovanni XXIII

  • Why you should book our cabins?

    In 2018 we worked hard to bring our concept of alternative hospitality to a place that is typically very distant from airports, but at the same time, a source of stress and long waits for its users; a large hospital. By taking this step, we worked together with the management of the Hospital, to offer a solution with fair rates, to those who, for many reasons, find themselves forced to spend several days waiting. Hence the spin-off “ZZZleepandGo for Hospitals.
    Keep in mind that YOU ARE NOT BOOKING A HOTEL, but a solution designed specifically for a short stay in order to move as little as possible. You will not have the stress of complicated transport, and will gain hours of precious sleep, moreover, you could reach every point of the hospital in just few minutes on foot. If you think you have problems with tight spaces, we want to reassure you, that the dimensions of our cabins have been carefully calibrated to ensure the necessary space; it is also possible to completely open the ceiling, made of roll-up fabric.

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